About Growthgig

About Us

Our story

The story of Growthgig dates back five years ago, when we receive many complaints from passionate e-commerce entrepreneurs about how they are struggling to build their online store. These difficulties come at any stage of the business and often require an advanced skill set that store owners are unable to resolve themselves. We are truly baffled to see how this hinders growth and slowly drains their budget, no matter how revolutionary their products are.

We understand the hassle of hiring a new employee when your budget is limited, or when your business incurs a new task that needs a specialist, but not enough to add a full-time one to your team. Similarly, we realize the main problem when growing a Shopify store lies in small tweaks and technical optimization that are often outside of merchants’ knowledge, yet very essential for their businesses.

As a result, this platform is built to cater to those needs. With the history of 6 successful years working with talented freelancers, we are proud to present an online network that connects business owners with specialized experts who can help them get things done.

Growthgig is a digital marketplace that provides professional gigs done by experts all over the world. We help merchants find the service they are looking for, and put them in contact with the most suitable expert.

Merchants search and buy gigs depending on their needs, ranging from designing, setting up stores, to IT and marketing, etc.
Experts post their gigs in their respective fields of knowledge on our website.

A few specializations that we focus on include online marketing and e-commerce website development such as setting up and customizing Shopify stores, web developer tasks, brand identity design, automation email, and other utility settings to drive sales.

Our strengths

The cultivated expert community we build consists largely of Shopify experts who have worked directly with Shopify merchants for a long time, so they understand all the pains and problems that might occur. As such, they will be able to take the weight off your shoulder by providing the best solution for every situation you have.

Compared to other digital marketplaces that offer the same services, our gigs are generally lower in price. We also deliver customer-centric gigs of high quality, as we place a strong emphasis on the real needs of merchants.

Our mission and vision

At Growthgig, we strive to help you build your dream business by getting you any expertise you need. Growthgig drives innovation to become the biggest online hub for experienced professionals and entrepreneurs who share the same e-commerce passion. Join our outsourcing community today and let us make your life all the more better.